Alabama Corny

The 2017 Talladega SS

This title has an origin. Its origin is a story for another time. But in this moment, it’s a reference to the trip I took with a group of friends to Talladega, Alabama.

This trip was for Dustin. It was his bachelor party. Needless to say, it was a great experience. We traded drinking and strip clubs (the stereotypical party) for Mexican food, Six Flags, and Dale, Jr.‘s last race on this track.

We were not disappointed.

As the self-appointed trip photographer, I took it upon myself to photograph as much of the race as I could and create a photo story for Dustin and his wife.

I was excited to go and after reviewing the photos, videos, and reflecting on the memories, I felt it strange to liken it to the game I recently played, Final Fantasy XV.

Pictured from left to right: Gladio, Noctis, Prompto, and Ignis pose in front of the Regalia, the royal car as they set out on their road trip. (captured on PS4 by Cornelius Thompson)

This thought came to me due to the circumstances of the trip, events during the trip, and with the roles we took upon ourselves to ensure the trip went well, it just made sense.

Pictured from left to right: Prompto, Gladio, Noctis, Ignis, Cor. (photo via; Copyright Square-Enix, LLC.)

Until I get the video finished, please enjoy the featured photo story above. Don’t forget to leave feedback.

*this will be updated when the video portion is completed.*


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