Abar: The (First) Black Superman

The seventies was an interesting decade in cinema (in my personal opinion). In preparing for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, John and I decided to cover a superhero film with a black hero. We felt this was important because it was a chance to celebrate a true black superhero, but also celebrate Black History Month.

Enter Abar: The Black Superman. This movie is the brainchild of a pimp and an interesting film to be a part of the Blaxploitation movement. Abar was filmed in 1975 and distributed in 1977, mostly due to a troubled production, which includes but is not limited to flaming afros, run-ins with the law, and financial setbacks. (Read more here)


Our podcast, Cut Scene, takes a deep dive into the film discussing all its major plot points, much of the production history, and the mark it left on us.  Feel free to subscribe to Cut Scene, and follow me on Twitter.


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