Digging deep, finding myself and showing humility

I’m posting this article as a reblog of my Tumblr post.  I know most of you don’t follow me there, and I don’t really use it much, but my articles I post here get posted there, so you really don’t have to, but you should.  And forgive the Featured Photo.  It’s all I have until I think of a better one.

Mastery Journal and Tumblr Blog

Anyway, the following post is my final entry in my Mastery Journal.

Just one week out from my graduation, I wanted to take time out to reflect on my year-long journey to this point – the point where I will be considered a Master of my craft.  I think to myself, “Do I want to be called master?  Do I want to hear ‘Master Thompson’ when people address me?”  Of course, that’s not a real thing (I don’t think) but it is fun to entertain the idea.

The reality is, I will have a Master’s Degree in a week!  How crazy is that??  Honestly I thought I would have it sooner, but I believe everything happens for a reason and there was a purpose for me having it at this point in my life, a point where my marriage is headed to where it needs to be, a point where I joined a church that I love, that my wife loves, and we feel loved, and I have the means to make things happen.  The excitement is too much to contain, so I will pour as much of it out as I can here, in hopes that someone reading this post will feel inspired to do whatever they have their heart set on, as long as it brings positivity and love to the world in some way.

I’ll be honest, going into this journey, I had no idea what to expect.  My first class we read a book and wrote about the book.  The next class is where things started to pick up.  I built my website.  Then soon after, it was a race to get content to it every single week.  I very rarely missed deadlines.  It was intensive, stressful, and everything you’d think going into a class that, when being interviewed for the class, you are being suggested to dedicate “25-40 hours a week” on your workload.  However, if this is your passion, your drive will make this seem like nothing.  I can’t even believe I’ve been doing this for a year.

That being said, I want to say thank you to everyone who encouraged me to keep going and just “make something.”  You know who you are and are dear to me.  I will never forget what you inspired me to do.  I can’t thank you enough for keeping me on task, and reinstalling my faith in all my core values.  I want to give a personal thank you to instructors Meredith Cochie, Jeff Sharonand Stuart Doyle.

So, lets discuss this month’s class.  My expectations were very simple.  I said I would devote all my time to making my capstone and using all my resources to make this work.  I also said that it will serve as my demo reel.  I was very wrong on the capstone and demo reel parts.  This class focused on my thesis to back up my capstone.  All my time went into working on that and perfecting it.  It was a task in learning how to use my research skills, perfect my writing in APA style as well as AP style, and it taught me to really dig in and focus.  My capstone serves as a testament to what I have achieved and ALL of my work thus far will serve as a demo of the things I am capable of when I apply for jobs in the future.  I am very proud of my work here.  I am proud of my follow-up story.  I am proud of my capstone and thesis.  I am grateful for everything that I was able to achieve.

Mrs. Cochie, you were right.  In my second class, you said to me “don’t worry about perfection.  Don’t spend too much time trying to get an A.  Just do something.”  Because now, I look back at everything from the past year and I can proudly say “I did that.”


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