Amiibo Gallery

Hey all!

So I recently got some new Amiibos.  I’m thinking of playing with my camera and doing some neat things with the photos.

Drop a comment and share if you like it.  The feedback helps me keep doing what I’m doing.  Thanks!!


Shovel Knight
His Shovelry knows know equal!! (Photo by Cornelius Thompson)
Lucas and Link pose for battle. (Photo by Cornelius Thompson)
Mega Man
Mega Man enters the fray. (Photo by Cornelius Thompson)
Link descends from Hyrule Castle to do battle. (Photo by Cornelius Thompson)
Cloud accepts his duality as he faces his past and his future. (Photo by Cornelius Thompson)
Witch Time
Bayonetta is the definition of awesome. She embraces every aspect of herself to assert her will. (Photo by Cornelius Thompson)



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