Coca-Cola can do WHAT for your hair??

Coca-Cola, a soft drink over a hundred years old, continues to be enjoyed all over the world by millions of people.  Unlike the formula that gives it its flavor, people are discovering all kinds of uses for the world-reknowned beverage.  From cleaning battery terminals to neutralizing jellyfish stings, Coca-Cola is constantly being used for various things.

Coca-Cola is being bottled in the plant located in the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. (Photo: Cornelius Thompson)

Taylor Thompson, a licensed cosmetologist from Petal, Miss., states that she found a use for Coca-Cola at home.  “Being a cosmetologist, I have experimented with various chemicals and household items,” she said.  “When applied to dry, straight hair for approximately 10 minutes, Coca-Cola can create a natural, wavy hair pattern.”

Taylor Thompson, hairstylist. Petal, Miss. (Photo: Cornelius Thompson)

According to Mrs. Thompson, the chemicals in the drink are safe to use if washed thoroughly after application.  “Coke contains phosphoric acid, which causes the hair cuticle to tighten and shrink.  The sugar, however, can act as a glue and make your hair sticky if not washed thoroughly afterwards.”



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