Vitamin J Studios’ Jarred Howze Sheds Light on Becoming a Talented Artist

Jarred Howze is one of many people who find pleasure in drawing.  While this may seem like a way to relax for some, for others it is a passion that can lead to mastery.

“I expect to hate everything that I draw.  And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I judge myself harshly,” Jarred says.  “When I draw, I like to be able to look at my picture and go ‘Ok, here’s what I did wrong’ and then I’ll go back and go ‘Here’s what I did right.’”

Joan Holloway of “Mad Men” sketch by Jarred Howze.

Jarred, along with two other like-minded individuals named John Wilkinson and Justin Adcock, created Vitamin J Studios.  They draw for pleasure, practice, and profit.  They use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote their art.  They also attend comic book conventions to gain inspiration and promote their art.

He and his cohort have been drawing since childhood.  Some of his favorite things to draw include: Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z and other anime titles, and regular people.

Jarred believes that his drive for making art comes from constantly learning and challenging himself to do better each time he puts the pencil to the paper.

He says, “I never want to be a hundred percent happy with something because I feel if I’m a hundred percent happy with anything, then you don’t have to learn anything anymore.  So, when I look at something, I like to learn from what I draw.”

Inigo Montoya of “The Princesss Bride” sketch by Jarred Howze.

Vitamin J Studios plans to be at Southern Geek-Fest in Hattiesburg this year, as well as Heroes-Con in North Carolina.

For commission requests, they are available on their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Artwork provided by Jarred Howze, Vitamin J Studios


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