Renaissance Festival Becomes Another Good Tiding for Hattiesburg Zoo

The Hattiesburg Zoo held its first Renaissance Festival this past weekend.  This event came right after the birth of a new baby sloth at the zoo and a month after the zoo received new flamingos for their exhibit.

The park was filled with people dressed in costume taking part in some of the festivities.  Though all attendants were encouraged to dress accordingly, some came in regular clothes, some came in traditional medieval attire, while others dressed as their favorite fantasy and cosplay counterpart.

“We encouraged adults and kids to dress up,” Paige Crane, the Public Relations Coordinator said.  “One of my favorite costumes so far was a kid dressed up as Batman because he is ‘The Dark Knight’ because it’s Renaissance and it’s knight-themed, so it was kinda comical.”

The live-action role-playing groups SOLAR Aftermath and SOLAR Cerroneth attended and assisted with the success of the festival by offering sword-fighting and defense classes and opportunities for the children and adults that wanted to attend.  Bottom of the Barrel theatre group held Shakespearean plays in the center of the park, under a tent, and enclosed by large banquet tables.

The Renaissance Festival is the latest of good things to come to the zoo.  In January, they received new flamingos from Orlando, Fla. to replace the ones that were lost back in 2014, at the cause of a prank.   The zoo also welcomed a baby sloth on Sunday, Feb. 5.

With all these good things happening so fast, celebration seems appropriate for Hattiesburg residents.

Photo by Cornelius Thompson


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