Hattiesburg Hosts 6th Annual Mardi Gras Parade

Residents of Hattiesburg and surrounding areas took to the streets surrounding the University of Southern Mississippi on Saturday, February 11 to see the Caerus Mardi Gras Parade.

For years, residents in the Hattiesburg-Petal area had very few options to celebrate the Mardi Gras holiday.  Most would travel to Gulfport, which is close to 60 miles away to see their family-friendly parades.  Others would travel close to 120 miles to get to New Orleans for their Mardi Gras celebrations.  While not as family-friendly as others, New Orleans has become one of the major celebration cities because of the parades that run for months up to Mardi Gras Tuesday.  Now, Hattiesburg hosts its own family-friendly parade once a year.

The New Orleans Saintsations participated in the parade as well as the Hattiesburg High School marching band.

There will be a Charity Mardi Gras Ball on February 18th at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.  The event will begin at 7pm and will last until midnight.  Tickets will be available to purchase hereThe Hattiesburg American reports that the charity partner for the 2017 parade is Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp, a camp dedicated to special needs children and adults and ensuring they experience fun and educational activities.

Logo obtained from http://www.caerusmardigras.com


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